BTS with kinder

*Thank you Sargento for sponsoring us on this post. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.*

We are about to transition over to fall and I have officially run out of ideas that I can categorize under “fun simple fall, but still feels like summer suppers”. Phew, try saying that over and over. No but seriously, I have been trying to keep dinners simple and easy and something that won’t use more than one cooking pan (I hate the clean up) a night. since the kids have been back in school and with joes new night schedule, I have been running back and forth and here and there, that really, the last thing I want to think about is dinner. Me. A mom who doesn’t want to have to deal with dinner. *inserts a facepalm emoji here.* I seriously look up to women who can legitimately have a full days of errands and still have energy to come home and cook a gourmet meal.

I’m just thankful I can rely on Sargento® cheese slices, because I can pretty much bake bacon within 5 minutes, cut up some tomato and lettuce, and BOOM. We have ourselves a fun “make your own BLT” dinner night. It’s actually my kids’ favorite night, when I lay all the ingredients out on the table and they can have at it on their own DIY sandwich. Not only does it make them feel independent, it’s a heck of a lot faster to make as well. I can categorize this under “fun simple fall but still feels like summer suppers.” “Easy DIY dinners that involves your kids.” And “top secret mom life hacks to try”…. You can thank me later.

With Sargento® cheese slices the possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to meals. You honestly can’t go wrong with cheese. Especially our favorite, ColbyJack. I’m pretty sure if my kids had to eat something for the rest of their lives, it would be cheese. We put in on everything and Sargento® cheese is a natural cheese with huge brownie points because kids absolutely love the way it tastes. Oh and did I already mention that you can literally put it on anything? On your eggs, your deli sandwiches, your BLTS, you name it. Sargento® slices are real, natural cheese (not process cheese) which makes it easier for me to serve my family knowing that this family owned business cares about their customers and what we consume.

I never really thought about how much we actually rely on Sargento® cheese when it comes to feeding my family, but we are constantly stocked up and always prepared to include it in every meal. You can head on over to Sargento’s website to check out all of their products and where you can find them at your local market. Click here!

August 22, 2019