a slow and simple easter

This post has been sponsored by Kinder Joy®. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

With every season comes a sense of hope and re-connection for me. I have found so much comfort knowing that with every season and every holiday, we as a family try to celebrate with as much intention and meaning into it. It’s the little things that I want to remember and soak in, and that is why Joe and I have made it a point to be phone free with every holiday. We like to enjoy the in moments of the days and actually be present. It may not seem like much to a lot of people, but it means the world to our kids. We love our traditions with each holiday, and we never really try to go overboard on the gift givings or the holiday activities. Sometimes all we really need is just each other and understanding the true meaning of the season. Sure, we celebrate. But with meaning. Less store bought items, and more intention.

Since Easter is right around the corner, we did want to make sure we weren’t adding too much stuff that the kids may not need in their Easter baskets. As a matter of fact, this will be my first year incorporating
more thrifted items to create their baskets, to ensure we are helping by recycling someone’s old toys and making them brand new, to us. Some of the things I’ll be adding to the kids’ baskets are books, stuffies, crayons/chalk/markers and games. It also wouldn’t be Easter without some Kinder Joy® eggs!

It’s no secret that this has been our go-to treat. The kids absolutely love the fact that this treat comes with a toy, and if I’m being honest, Kinder Joy® eggs have the best tasting cocoa cream I’ve had. They’re sooo good. We are absolutely loving our partnership with Kinder Joy this year, because this product truly brings us so much joy. We have been able to incorporate Kinder Joy in our everyday and it’s even been a fun conversation starter when we’re sitting around the table!

I’m excited to see my kids wake up on Easter morning and be excited about their baskets, watching them learn to appreciate the little things and not ask for more (ok who am I kidding, they always want more), but to see their reactions and enjoying the moment is always my favorite. We choose these traditions because we know life never slows down, but family is important and should always be a priority during every holiday!

April 2, 2019