A better smile with Smile Direct Club

I can’t contain my excitement much longer about my new partnership with Smile Direct Club! I’ve been told how crazy I am to think I have crooked teeth, and in all reality, I never thought I needed braces either. That was until I got hired a few years ago as a front desk receptionist at an orthodontist office, the first week on the job I realized my teeth were indeed crooked. Lol, It’s funny how it happens that way. Ever since working there, I have dreamed of getting aligners. Constantly being in front of a camera for my blog, I am pretty insecure with my smile, my teeth aren’t very white, and I just feel as my bottom teeth are getting more crooked with every photo I take. Call me crazy, It’s true. Haha!

The only thing that has been holding me back from actually going through treatment is the obvious, braces and aligners are so pricey especially if you don’t have dental insurance. So, when I heard about Smile Direct Club, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. There really is a company that offers you aligners to better your smile for a really affordable price, without the hassle of in-office visits. Everything is done in the comfort of your home. Can you believe that? There was no doubt that I was going to go through this treatment and drag Joe along on the ride because he too needs help with his teeth.

a solution to affordable orthodontic care

When the aligners arrived at our door step last week, we were both so excited to start this journey. We sat in bed that night and read that manual inside and out; I was so nervous knowing we had to make the impressions ourselves, I wanted to get it right the first try! The manual was such a lifesaver; it is a simple step by step (it even included photos) of how to take your impressions. Joe and I sat in the bathroom for a good thirty minutes laughing uncontrollably hard, because the amount of droll that came out of his mouth when he was in the process of getting his teeth molded. It was fun and not as hard as I assumed it would be.

affordable way to get straighter teethAffordable aligners that will help you get a better smileThe impressions are only $95, and if you use my promo code “MYWIFESTYLES”, you’ll get 50% off an at-home impression kit or if there is a SmileShop market in your area you can go in a receive a free scan. And the treatment is so affordable it can range from $1,850 or as little as $95 a month for 24 months, and once you’re done with treatment, Retainers cost only $99 a set. Pretty cool, right?

I’m so glad this is something Joe and I can do together. Improving our smiles is so important to us, and not to mention the boost of self-esteem I’m sure it will give the both of us will be great as well. This is seriously a dream come true; I can not wait to share with you guys my before and after photos! Don’t forget to follow along on our journey to a better smile, and start your journey with us today! CLICK HERE to sign up or read more about Smile Direct Club. Don’t forget to use our promo code “Mywifestyles”, for 50% off an at-home impression kit or a free scan in SmileShop markets.