Let’s make a difference! Let’s fight against Poverty!

The other day I was put in a situation where I had to leave a store with a crying child, all because they couldn’t get the toy they wanted. I can’t even begin to tell you how often this happens and it’s starting to become a pattern I find myself in every time we go out, we either end up leaving with a brand new toy or with un unhappy child. I blame my husband and me for setting the example for our kids. We buy them things that are unnecessary just for the thrill of having something new. In a world like today where my children seem to constantly ask for new things every time we step foot in a store, there are children around the world who don’t even own a pair of shoes. I’ll let this one sink in a little deeper today.


My heart aches for the children that go to bed hungry or the ones that are ill but can’t afford Health Care. Poverty is something we all desperately wish didn’t exist, but the majority of the time people turn their heads because it’s almost too much to handle. I know, it’s all so overwhelming. It’s so hard to see families go without clean water, health services, education, and the essentials in life, like shoes. But poverty doesn’t have to be permanent. We can all make a difference and break the cycle of Poverty!

With only $32 a month, YOU can make it possible for a kid in need to access community centers, our staff, and life-changing programs with the Children International Non-Profit organization. When I first heard about Children International, I was so excited to sign up and see who my sponsored child was.

Everyone Meet Maria Camila, Which is so ironic because my daughter is Camilla Marie. She is ten years old and is from Colombia. Her favorite Hobbies are Dancing and singing. She also loves to play with friends and watch TV in her free time. With $32 a month, I can help Maria with Dental and Health Care, Medicine, Nutritional Support, School Supplies and shoes, and a safe place to play and learn. It may seem daunting and overwhelming to think about the millions of children in need. But if you can make a difference in a child’s life, isn’t it worth it?


If you decided to sign up to be a sponsor, They will send you more info about your child, including a photo and a quick-start guide to child sponsorship. You’ll also:

-Receive updates about your child on a regular basis
-Be able to exchange letters and photos with your sponsored child
-Be able to visit your child and tour our amazing community centers
-Subscribe to receive emails and our Journeys magazine to see your impact in action.


This is all part of a non-profit organization, and with the help of us can make a difference to help stop child Poverty!

If you would like to help: Become a sponsor, Make A Gift, Or if you’d like to Share your voice. We can all make a difference.