Introducing Xander to safe water play

swimming with baby


*Thank you Huggies Little Swimmer for partnering up with us on this post. As always, all opinions are my own.*


It’s seriously the best feeling when I see the older kids getting so excited to help teach their baby brother something new. E and Millie have been asking to get Xander in the water for the longest time, and now that the weather has hit well over 100’s, it’s the perfect time to get him used to the pool! There is always a little part of me that would rather have Xander stay out of the water for a bit longer, and I think it’s mainly because Ethan is getting comfortable swimming on his own, and we are still teaching Millie how to swim. SO, yeah… My hands are always so full IN or OUT of the water, haha!

If you are in Arizona like us, you’ll understand that if we decide to go swimming, we need to hit the pool by 7 am; It gets so hot. Like, you can’t even go out to the pool during the day because it feels more like a jacuzzi than a pool. I’m really not over exaggerating either. haha. It’s cool though since there is a pool in my parent’s community, that is super
family-friendly in a sense where there are two separate pools, and a splash pad, huge win! The pools aren’t very deep either, which helps the kids feel comfortable swimming without our support.
Throughout the summer Michael Phelps, along with his one-year-old Son, Boomer, and wife Nicole, are #Trainingfor2032 with Huggies Little Swimmers to help babies thrive in water through fun, safe water play. We are so excited to be doing the same with Xander, and this past weekend was so much fun doing so! Watch this sweet video of Michael Phelps and his family, here

We had used Huggies Little Swimmer with E and Millie when they were babies, and love that we are still using them years later, with Xander. Huggies Little Swimmers are the #1 best-selling disposable swim pants, and they are designed specifically for the water, so they don’t swell and have easy-open sides for an adjustable fit, so your babies are comfortable in the water.

When it was time to introduce our little Xander to the pool, we decided to hang out near the splash pad while he saw his older brother and sister playing around the water. It’s the cutest thing when he reacts to what they’re doing. He finds them both to be hilarious human beings, ever!

It always seems Millie is the first one to offer her assistance in everything we do with Xander. I love her little helping hand and the sweet way she talks to her baby brother. She was so excited to help me sit Xander down in the baby pool. She made sure that before he went in he was covered in Sunscreen, and she even helped me pack his very first “pool bag” haha. It’s obvious that she added a ton of pool toys in there for him. As soon as we sat down in the water, which was way warm for 7 am, she says “Look Xandy, the water! Look!” All while she was playing in the water and talking in the sweetest baby voice. Ugh, I can’t love this girl more. She is so nurturing. When it came down to it, Xander had the best time sitting in the pool watching his brother and sister play. I didn’t doubt it for one second since he loves taking baths.

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